Oranges photo taken in the countryside near Hilo, Hawaii

Apples with your flesh so firm, 

Asparagus that’s grown full term.

Beans of green and yellow bright,

Beets when pickled bring such delight!

Brussels Sprouts to boil hot,

Broad Beans also in a pot.

Broccoli, you are the best!

Cabbage to roll at my behest!

Carrots, orange and full of power,

I like you cooked with Cauliflower!

Celery, so straight and high,

Cherries(sour) in a pie!

Cucumbers, green and crunchy, oh!

Currants make my heart aglow!

Eggplant, namesake, what should I think?

Garlic, I love you, but you stink.

Globe Artichoke, sectionable feast!

Gooseberries, grown facing East!

Gourds, your shapes bring such delight!

Grapes when fermented are just right.

Herbs you spice things up for me,

Indian Corn, colours for all to see!

Kale, my hearty green leafed friend,

Kohlrabi, a German Turnip trend!

Leeks of green with whitish tips,

Lettuce, cold upon my lips!

Melons, heavy in my barrow,

Okra from the family marrow!

Onions sweet or sharp and hot,

Parsley adds flavor where there is not.

Parsnips, you are my favourite root,

Pears for pies and tarts to boot!

Peas in soup, or peas in porridge,

Peppers don’t do well in storage.

Plums of purple, deeply sweet,

Potatoes fried or baked to eat.

Quince you look just like a pear,

Raspberries are good to share!

Rhubarb has a sour taste,

Rutabagas leave no waste!

Salad Greens, crunch crunch crunch crunch,

Strawberries, always good to munch!

Summer Squash cooked ‘til tender,

Sweet Corn a great gift from any sender!

Swiss Chard, your leaves to eat are made,

Tomatoes  are from the family nightshade!

Winter Squash, when roasted, yum!

Zucchini, I want to get me some!

Is there anything I’ve missed?

Oh damn! This is just my grocery list!

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