Client/Participant Experience Assessment

Using ethnographic research methods, I will assess the path of your clients from the street to being engaged with your services.  Well functioning areas will be highlighted and challenges will be identified.  I will provide you with a detailed report to help you remove barriers to service.

Focus Groups

As an outside entity, I will use my years of front-line experience to gather data on your system as expressed by your service users.  This is key to learning more about the appropriateness, effectiveness, and general perception of your work, as seen through the eyes of your clients.

Specialized Training 

I will deliver training to your organization on several topics including:

  • Self Care Strategies
  • Critical Thinking Skills or ‘I Want To Believe’
  • It’s All About Relationships
  • Vicarious Trauma: Symptoms, Safeguards and Solutions


Training Development

Your organization will benefit from the development of a customized training program for your internal processes.  Through the use of interviews and job shadowing, I will build a formalized training model for your employees.  This will result in a more consistent knowledge base among new hires, as well as effective updates for seasoned employees.

Example 1: A service agency wants to better understand the barriers that keep the most vulnerable individuals from receiving service.

Example 2: A hotel is interested in an honest opinion about the quality of their lodgings and food service.

Example 3: A factory is updating their policies and procedures, and needs to get accurate, first-hand information to inform this work as well as develop appropriate training.

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