It was perfectly clear that the photo lacked any detail whatsoever, and had definitely captured something or other. The vast majority of the four people who first examined it believed that it was a real photograph, based upon the fact that it was. The local fire chief, one Ernest McBurny (no relation to the Kennedy family) didn’t see it at all, as he was in Sudbury on vacation. In his professional opinion, Dr. Frederick Rorschach (piano tuner) believed he saw two parents arguing in front of a Christmas tree, or possibly a large penis. The other three witnesses made up seventy five percent of the total.  It was only after someone gave their opinion of the subject that the others knew ‘that definitely isn’t it’.  There was no consensus during the examination, save for their considered opinion that the coffee was bitter from being left too long in the carafe. In the end, there were more questions than answers, but no one cared enough to ask them.

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