Boho the Crow from Bohemian Friday

(With apologies to Edgar Allen Poe and Dr. Seuss)

The ponders I pondered 

On that midnight so dreary

Did leave me at once 

Both weak and most weary


| sat there all lonely, 

I sat then heard rapping

That sounded almost like

Some visitor tapping.

“What visitor is this rapping upon my door?”

I said to myself And then nothing more!

Too bleak to go out 

On this cold December,

So I sat and I read 

And tried not to remember

And all I could to was to





And Lenore did not like it

Not one little bit!

Why was there such sorrow

For Lenore, was she lost? 

She will now remain nameless

At whatever the cost.

And then Something went BUMP! 

How that bump made me jump!

I looked!

And I saw him fly over the mat!

I looked! 

And I saw him!

A Raven so fat! 

And he said “Nevermore” 

And then that was that!

He just sat on the bust of Pallas

That bird. 

He sat there and uttered 

Only one little word.

On that bust 

No bird ever sat there before

But he sat there, he did 

And he said ‘Nevermore’!

He fluttered no feathers, 

He clicked not his beak.

I wondered a while

Then I started to speak. 

“Tomorrow you’ll leave me 

as my hopes have before…”

Then the bird on the bust 

Croaked out “Nevermore!”

Silly, but I did not know

what to say I must have been out of 

My head all that day!

“This must be something

He learned from a master 

Whose lessons took place before

Some great disaster” 

It’s something he learned 

Where he lived before

The strange single word 

That he says… “Nevermore!”

So I picked up a cushion

And threw at the bird

Then sat back to wonder 

What he meant by that word. 

He was grim and ungainly

And ghastly and gaunt 

So why had he come here

And what did he want? 

Did he come here to try

To take me away? 

I thought and I thought 

But my thoughts wouldn’t stay! 

So I leaned on my cushions

And lay there a while 

And remembered a something

That gave me a smile! 

But the thoughts that were good

And sunny and bright

Were all chased away 

By the ones that gave fright!

The air then grew thick 

With the smell of perfume 

Which was a surprise 

As there was none

In the room! 

Had he come here to help me

Forget my Lenore? 

But that Raven spoke up and he said


“Are you an angel 

Or are you a devil? 

 want you to tell me

But be on the level! 

Do you know of a maiden

Whose name is Lenore?” 

But that damned bird just stretched

And he said “Nevermore!”

“Get out of my house 

Take your beak from my heart.

Get away from my door 

You black plumed upstart!

I don’t want to see you 

Around here no more!” 

The Raven stared back and

He yawned “Nevermore!”

Now that Bird, he just sat there

He sat there on Pallas.

He sat there looking 

All gruff and all callous.

His shadow is thrown

Down here on the floor 

From his perch way up there

Above my chamber door


My soul it is there

And it will never leave.

My soul’s on the floor 

And there’s no one to grieve.

Of the Raven now I do not know

What is right.

Should I tell of

The things that went on here that night?

Will you sit here and listen

While I tell you more? 

Will you sit here and listen 

To one last “Nevermore!”

Sit here and listen,

Yes, sit here you may,

 …ask me tomorrow.

But not today.

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