By OBY – Own work, Public Domain,

Dunnville, oh Dunnville,

Land of bounteous splendor!

Wooded tracts of Carolinian trees

Shade our century homes.

River so Grand, home to finned fishes

And turtles that snap.

Your Dunnville Fall Fair

With it’s sheep and it’s cows

In all their bovine glory.

To your Festival of Mudcats

I raise my toast high.

Flyers and Knowles and the Smallest of Dimensions

Provide me with sustenance.

Joanne at the Queens quenches my thirst.

Oh, If only there were a good place for espresso!

But wait! Fair MINGA meets this need!

Popcorn from Sweet Retro, your scent pleases me.

Your Tiger is Giant, your Harvest is Shared

Yea though your Food is Basic

Sobey it.

Dunnville, oh Dunnville

Jewel in Haldimands crown

Thorn in Caledonia’s side.

Long may you live

Though the pickles have gone.

Candy have replaced you,

in all theif high fructose goodness.

Your former townships remain

Moulton, Dunn, Sherbrooke, Canboro

Lands of farm and field

From Lake Erie’s shores

To Hamilton Wentworth’s edge

From Niagara to Norfolk you lay.

Your microclimate is fine.

Your sandy loam and clay

Keep us agriculturally sound.

Polluting industries are few.

Walmarts are none.

Jobs would be nice, fair and well paying

Some respect  from CH news perhaps?

Dunnville, oh Dunnville,

You are my kind of town.

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